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A: FAQ is an acronym for "frequently asked questions."

A:It is a faster,cleaner and more environmentally friendly building method.  Here is a link to an article from Wikipedia for a detailed (un bias) opinion.. we just think it's so much better there isn't any comparision.. but let our customers tell you their opinion...
A: We are focused in 3 main areas
1/  Working with SME builders ,who are trained as PRL builders, we assist developers create beautiful, green and highly efficient homes using our building techniques and advanced building materials. We act as a back office design and project management service for the builder/developer or when required, we act directly for the home owner and appoint builders from our approved contractor list. Our projects are always to the same high level of service. The value of using PRL is that no matter what service is chosen the results are always consistent with our values of being greener, and giving the best customer care.
2/ Working with our supply chain partners we design,carry out technical research and advise on product development, green issues and lean construction techniques. We have assisted on a wide variety of public sector,commerical and individual development projects.Our projects are always creative, practical and create value. An example of this is using new ideas to overcome age old issues... or developing a fast ready reckoner service for use with costing projects before a full design can be undertaken, or simply providing effective and cost efficient outsourced drafting services...
3/ Working directly for organisations such as the NHS, Local Authorities and private developers we offer consultancy and design packages. We also undertake our own developments and can enter into Joint Venture projects long as they are consistent with our core values and methodologies.
A:It's a good question, and it depends on the service level we agree with you. We don't offer conventional design services like other architectural practices or other designers. If that's what you are after -say just a simple set of building regs or planning drawings- or we think this is what you need.. we will recommend one of our trusted designers in our network. but remember not all designers are born equal.. we are also writing a guide for just these situations.. some free ,honest advise that means you are fully prepared and who ever you use to help you.. you already have benefitted from "PRL .. Smart People and Smart Tools"
 GOLD service       for complex, larger projects , project management - normally this is a negotiated fee based on value
SILVER service        bespoke projects using our building techniques, and builder network usually 10-15% of the project.
 BRONZE service     relatively straight forward designs and solutions - which are built to the same high standards  -
                                      from a home office > standard house ( PRL SIP building)